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What’s Your Zone?

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We’re hearing a great deal about the Blue Zones these days. In case you haven’t heard, Blue Zones are places identified by Dan Buettner and his team where people are enjoying extraordinary longevity, vitality, and lower rates of chronic diseases. Initially, there were five regions around the world identified as Blue Zones with a sixth, Singapore, recently added. But it’s not possible for us all to live in Blue Zones. And as recent data suggests, we might not want to. At the 100 Year Lifestyle, we know, and the science supports that you don’t have to live somewhere specific to enjoy healthy longevity. So, what’s your zone?

Death of the Blue Zones

On March 13, 2022, Dan posted to his Facebook account the following:

Well, I am currently in Nicoya, Costa Rica and found two fast food restaurants. This represents the death of the Blue Zones here.

The longevity phenomenon is only among people born before 1940. Those born after 1940 have been subjected to the change in the food environment. As fast food restaurants, processed food, and sugar sweetened beverages have creeped into the standard Costa Rican diet, the incidences of obesity, diabetes and heart disease have soared. Heart attacks were very rare until recently!

Trouble in Paradise

Unfortunately, Dan is right. Not only is Nicoya currently experiencing an unhealthy lifestyle among younger residents, but so is Okinawa, Japan where the current population has one of the highest rates of obesity and lowest intake of fruits and vegetables in Japan, not to mention a multitude of changing lifestyle options. Even Blue Zones can only continue to be Blue Zones if their residents continue to make healthy choices as part of their healthy lifestyle.

In fact, there are currently issues being brought up regarding several Blue Zones, and scientific skepticism is being pointed at the Blue Zones data as well as the health data accuracy of the Zones themselves. This information, combined with Dan’s observation above, means that living in a Blue Zone isn’t the answer to achieving healthy longevity. People there are or are beginning to face the same lifestyle choices as people everywhere.

Stay Right Where You Are

Actually, this is good news for the rest of us. It doesn’t mean you have to pack your bags and travel to a remote spot to achieve healthy longevity. Instead, it means the healthy lifestyle that leads to healthy longevity can be yours regardless of where you live. It also means wherever you are can be a zone for healthy longevity – if you make the right choices designed to live at 100% for 100 years or more, you’re ideal 100 Year Lifestyle.

Since first beginning to speak, write about, and teach The 100 Year Lifestyle, people from all over the world have created their own healthy longevity zones based on our principles. There are people in Hawaii, Detroit, London, and Mexico City who are living their 100 Year Lifestyle.

Regardless of their geographic location or culture, they are making healthy lifestyle choices, surrounding themselves with supportive relationships, engaging in meaningful work or activities, eating nutritious, home cooked food, and getting the right amount of exercise. A great many are living to ripe old ages, at 100% until their last breath.

Not on the List

Still not sure that relocating to a Blue Zone isn’t the answer? Well, as of February 20, 2024, the list of the 50 oldest currently living people in the world contained only one person born in a Blue Zone, namely Okinawa. There are also many people on the list living in the US and Italy – but not in Blue Zone regions. Even a former first lady of Costa Rica who appears in the top 50 at nearly 113 years old isn’t from Nicoya.

The 100 Year Lifestyle

At the 100 Year Lifestyle we want you – everyone, everywhere – to live your best life every day. We want you to have the information you need to make the best lifestyle choices for yourself and the ones you love. It’s important to us that you understand your body’s innate intelligence and work with it to keep your spine and nervous system fully functioning. We want you to understand that healthy longevity is your birthright – regardless of where you were born or what zone you live in!

Want some help along the way? Keep reading the articles on and find a 100 Year Lifestyle provider near you to help you every step of your journey.

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